i am lost in the world i’ve created. living in a dream. but we are both here. awake. you are in the other room. in a moment i will know everything. but how is that? it’s almost like another life. like a life i’ve lead before. again. where you are here and I am sitting at this same table. in love. or awake. again. is that how soulmates work? they fit together like they’ve done it before? or is this something else? something more than my soul and more than yours? are spirits and souls the same? did ours used to know each other? longing feels familiar. i’ve longed for you before. but do i know the way it will end? maybe in the snow. or across the desert. or anywhere. anywhere you are is where all this will be. again. where have I lived this before? or did I at all? and will this ever become everything? And then, where is the fear? fear of spending another lifetime longing for this feeling and not knowing what to do. again. longing and knowing longing will end. again. maybe this is love – our love – and the story of us. when it happened before.


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