note to self


let me be scared
so I can find the monster
let me be hurt
so I want to feel better
let me be quiet
so I can find the right words
let me be broken
so I don’t fall here again
let me be empty
so I can find all my pieces
let me be angry
so I don’t become numb
let me be lost
so I ask for directions
let me be slow
so I know where to go
let me be defeated
so I have something to fight for
let me be humble
so I don’t forget what’s important
let me be hopeless
so I never stop searching
let me be hopeful
so I have somewhere to go
let me be strong
so I want to keep going
let me be weak
so I want to be strong
let me be compassionate
so we can do this together
let me be enraged
so I don’t hold everything inside
let me be dangerous
so I can feel the edge
let me be safe
so I know when to turn around
let me be chaotic
so I can reach for it all
let me be calm
so I see where I am
let me be right
so I can also be wrong
let me be wrong
so I don’t try to be right
let me be distant
so I don’t stay in one place
let me be connected
so I know who you are
let me be here
so I can come back again
let me be less
so I feel there is more
let me be one
so I know who I am
let me be all
so I am not alone
let me be human
so I make some mistakes
let me be whole
so I can write you these notes


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