gratitude and love


Oahu, HI


Hello to my favorite people on the planet, 

I’m writing to you from Hawaii, surrounded by ocean and warmth (and LOTS of food!), feeling compelled to tell you how grateful I am you are all a part of my life. Everything is a little more beautiful – a little more meaningful – because I know I have amazing people in my life to share it with when I get home. 

On that note, I’ve done a lot of thinking recently about where my heart is – and where my home is. While I’m not partial to any geographic location in the world, I am extremely partial to the people that make my everyday life better and make even simple things (like goats, boats and balloons) insanely memorable – for me, you are those people. 

I know I’ll see you all soon and we can talk more but I do want you to know that moving into the next chapter of my life, though a little scary, feels exciting and I am genuinely looking forward to it because of all the love I have for/from you. 

Thank you all for being amazing. 

Love lots and lots and lots! 


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