sunday in words


Joaquin Miller Park

Sunday started with breakfast and a recap of last night’s concert – reflections on performances, growth opportunities and connections with the community and the music. No huge mistakes were made, some people overstepped their boundaries, we should all be more confident, “next time” will be better. What mattered more than this conversation perhaps, was the time with my family.

Recently I’ve been overly aware of the value of time – the way I spend my time, the people I share my time with and the place I go. I realize how meaningful – and fleeting – it can all be.

I want to say it’s not from a place of fear – fear the moments will be lost, fear we won’t have the chance again – and, for the most part, it is not about fear but more about appreciation and understanding. Appreciation for the opportunity and understanding that, life is not permanent so, things will change and these moments will pass. But fear is definitely still some of it.

After breakfast my sisters and I exchanged photos taken the night before, I talked to my dad about some books he had read and the cats rolled around on the floor.

We hung out until it was time for my youngest sister to get on the road, back to her now home in Los Angeles. She packed her cat in the car, laughed and we all waved her off.

It was mid-afternoon, maybe 3, and the air was warm but the sky was filling with clouds. I was tired. I thought I wanted to go home, curl up, nap and write – to be alone and enclosed. On the drive though, I felt a pull to the Oakland Mormon Temple – a pull to be alone in nature (even manicured nature) and maybe just sit in a familiar place.

When we were younger, my dad would drive us to the Temple during the holidays so we could walk around the property. The Temple is in the hills and filled with flowers, grass, palm trees – very clean, very sterile but still, in its own way, beautiful. During the holidays they decorate the courtyard with a ton of lights and the building itself lends itself to a festive feeling. My dad is not a religious person so I imagine it was just for the setting but maybe there’s more. I’ll have to ask him.

On this day, when I pulled into the parking lot I saw two weddings and way too many people for the disconnected feeling I was chasing. I drove around the lot once, appreciated the grounds from my car then proceeded up the road to the Joaquin Miller Park. There is a clearing at the park that overlooks the Temple – I thought it would be a good compromise.

I threw my phone in the trunk and walked into the park with my camera.

I was there for a few hours but never made it to the clearing that overlooked the Temple.

I found other places to sit.


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