I don’t want this love to die. That’s all I can think today. Don’t die. Don’t die and maybe even try to sparkle a little. Sparkle the way fresh snow rests early in the season or something less cliché than sun shining on a lake – sparkle like that. Sparkle just like that. And try not to think about the dying. Love can’t sparkle in death. Or it will, it will sparkle a darker sparkle, a midnight sparkle, and we may be the only ones that can see it. And maybe that will be okay. Maybe that is love. Or maybe that will keep our love alive. The dark sparkle. The night sparkle. The sparkle we see when we can’t see anything else. The sparkle we used to have. The sparkle that left us in darkness. Darkness that didn’t bring death but makes me think it is close. I don’t want to think about that. I don’t want to think about the darkness or the death or the midnight sparkle. I don’t want to think about my eyes closing and your cold skin. I don’t want to think about the rain or the tears or even the love. I just want to think about the stars, the grass and the night you held my hand in the dirt.


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