a room with no walls


Home of the Heart, Joshua Tree, CA

In a room with no walls l can touch everything I want to touch and feel everything I want to feel. I can wander and explore – trust my intuition – and my words.

Expansiveness is this room.

Freedom lives here too – spiritual freedom – freedom from judgment – freedom to just be. Freedom to define life or redefine life. Or to not have any definitions at all.

I thought I needed to be here alone – separated from the world. I thought of this room as an escape – a place I could go to quiet the noise and reconnect with myself.

There is still some truth in that – the room is quiet and separated from the the louder, faster, defined and demanding world but here, now, I am not alone. In this room, isolation is redefined.

And so, as I journey out, uncovering these rooms wherever I can find them – being immersed – weightless – on the edge of something – I wonder if I’ll find these rooms to be a feeling, or a place. Or a feeling about a place. Or a person.

Or if every room will be nothing I expect – and everything I need.


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