love simply


Sandcastle House, Kauai, HI

Maybe it was the size of the ceremony, or that we stood on the beach – no sides, no chairs – nothing was formal and nature was the only decoration. The words were sweet and the colors were bright.

It all reminded me how simple love and partnership can (should) be. 

Someone to go through life with – to share and appreciate the big things and the simple things. To let someone talk too much in the morning or let them watch their shows. To support someone in creation – and loss. 

A shared acceptance and willingness to love. To love out loud. To love fearlessly – knowing what you need and letting someone else be that – and being that for someone else. To let love grow and change you when you know it makes you better. 

And to know there will always be laughter. Even in tears there will be laughter. 

Love, simply, is a willingness to just be – with someone else. 


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