partners in laughter

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Flipbook Photo booth Demo, Wedding Fair, Treasure Island

In what I thought would be an journey into nature on a quest for expansiveness and undefined space – I find myself dropped into a whirlwind of weddings, wedding planning and displays of partnership. And a lot of laughter.

In Kauai – a demonstration of simple partnership and a love that lets you be weird and quirky. A bond about acceptance and family – about finding home after a long, long road.

Back in San Francisco – a celebration of intimacy and honesty. New beginnings and a love born from letting someone see you as you are. A bond about truth and who you can be when you relax and let someone love you.

Today, a bridal show in San Francisco – an outing with my sisters and a friend – this is a day for brides. Determined brides, some grooms, some friends – and us. My sister is less like a bride, more like someone that got a free ticket to this show and decided to come. A lot of her wedding is planned – the big things – the panic things – venue, dress, photographer – and with her wedding being out of the Bay Area – she glides by most of the booths and vendors.

The overall mood in the space is somewhat somber and serious.

We find ourselves seats in an upstairs area and talk while we watch people cycle through the show. When the photo booth line is short enough we make our way back down.

The company makes flipbooks as wedding favors. They take a 7 second video and create a flipbook with the images. We load up with props and pose, bounce and laugh for 7 seconds. When the flipbook is done (60 seconds later), we walk out of the show laughing.

The laughter continues in the car, at lunch and most of the way home.

Laughter is – an understanding – a joy – a simple, freeing joy.  

In laughter I found partnership.


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