This feeling can’t not be love, right?

Maybe it’s how no days will ever be the same or how quickly a feeling can change a place – or the feeling of a place can change – or a person can change a feeling and a place. Or maybe (I’d like to pretend) it has nothing to do with you.

I’d like to pretend it has nothing to do with you because I think, maybe, that might be the only way to feel okay about this.

I think what scares me about this – about this feeling – or what I thought I could avoid by pretending this feeling didn’t exist is that now, I feel like there’s something missing.

A few months ago, an empty house was an empty house and that seemed like the way it should be. Now, this empty house is not filled with something – maybe love or whatever makes you want to reach over and touch someone because it feels right.

I think maybe I’m just confused about what to feel.

I wonder if this is love or was love or if this is a broken heart. I wonder if this is like dusk – beautiful but fleeting. But maybe mostly, I wonder what you wonder.

And if maybe, that’s all that matters.


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